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African Cabdrivers Health Survey

November 1, 2012IntervmediaBlog

UAO has started its African Cabdrivers Health Survey in Chicago this month. This survey will examine African cabdrivers’ access to health care services in Chicago. Our organization has identified access to affordable health care as an issue of particular significance to the African community at large. In an effort to examine the particular effects of this issue, UAO has chosen to focus this study on the African cabdriver segment of the community.

This survey includes 25 simple questions, which focus on cabdrivers’ overall health. However, the survey also explores other issues including their educational background, working hours, and county of birth. These questions will allow UAO to gain a comprehensive understanding of the population’s make-up and needs and use this information to advocate on their behalf.

If you or anyone you know is currently working as a cabdriver, please fill out or ask them to fill out the survey online by clicking on this link: African Cabdrivers Health Survey.

Cliquez sur ce lien pour remplir le questionnaire: L’enquête Du Santé Sur Les Chauffeurs de Taxi Africains.

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