Having trouble listening to an episode of African Voices? Hopefully we can help you fix it. Here are some common questions:

  • Q: When I click the play button to listen to a podcast, it says ‘Buffering…’ but does not play.
    A: This problem could be related to the browser you are using, and is a common problem with Firefox. Try switching to another browser, such as Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Alternatively, you could download the mp3 podcast file to your computer and listen to it that way. Click the link that says ‘Download’ next to the media player at the top of the post. Meanwhile, we are going to try and fix this bug so that you can listen to a podcast regardless of the browser you are using.
  • Q: Can I read the transcript for a podcast?
    A:  Yes, some of the information in our podcast is transcribed but not all of it. You can view what we have by clicking the link that says ‘Continue reading’ at the bottom of each podcast post.
  • Q: How can I contribute to African Voices?
    A: Drop us an email via our contact page!
If you are still have trouble, contact us or send us an email. We will try our best to help!

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