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Bill Passes for Driver’s Licenses for ALL Immigrants in Illinois!

January 9, 2013SarahBlog

SPRINGFIELD– On Tuesday, January 8th, 2013, Illinois law makers passed bill SB 957, allowing ALL immigrants in Illinois to obtain a Temporary Visitor’s Driver’s License. The bill passed through the House on a vote of 65-46 and passed through the Senate (41-14-1) in early December.

When it becomes law, undocumented immigrants in Illinois will be able three-year renewable licenses as long as they provide proof of residency in the state. The new law could impact approximately 250,000 undocumented immigrants drivers in Illinois. Supporters argued that the bill would make the state’s roads safer since applicants would have to pass driving tests and would likely be eligible to purchase insurance. – ABC

 Congratulations to everyone who worked hard in lobbying, and to those in support of this important bill!
Thank you for making highways SAFE in Illinois!

If you have more questions on how this effects you or someone you know,
please call us at: 312-949-9980
and don’t forget to visit Highway Safety Coalition for more information! 

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