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UAO aims to serve as the African Community Resource Clearinghouse wherein constituents gather, access information, share experiences, exchange views, and coordinate organizational capacity development. UAO's hub of resources on this website is intended to assist community members in navigating services, programs and resources that are available to help them cope better in the United States.

Housing Authority of Cook County Wait list Opening

February 3, 2016NancyBlog
Housing Authority of Cook County
The Housing Authority of Cook County (HACC) will begin accepting pre-applications for the public housing wait list for (2) two (3) three (4) four and (5) bedroom units at the following Family Development:
Vera L. Yates
1055 Berkeley
Ford Heights, IL 60411

Statement on Alie Kabba

Statement of UAO Board President on Dr. Alie Kabba:

It is with dismay that we learn of United African Organization (UAO) Executive Director, Dr. Alie Kabba’s arrest and detention by the Sierra Leone government for the third time in under 30 days.

Dr. Kabba, on a visit to Sierra Leone, was arrested a day after he gave an interview to the local Radio Democracy 98.1 FM station, during which he criticized the ruling government for corruption and nepotism.
We, as the largest African coalition in the United States, unequivocally condemn his arrest and call for his immediate unconditional release, acquittal and return back to the U.S.
“We call on President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone to end the politically motivated persecution of Alie Kabba whose only crime is that he is an outspoken and fearless opposition leader with an unblemished record of fighting for democracy, rule of law, human rights and social justice”, says UAO Board Chair Godfrey Chinomona. “We demand his unconditional release and return of his seized U.S. passport.” Read more →


The phone rang…..

It was the security man downstairs saying there was a delivery.

It was this delightful tray of fresh baked pastries and bite-size cookies from www.bakeforme.com .

who is our secret admirer?

Thank you for making our day!

Faith’s Internship Experience

November 28, 2015NancyBlog

Walking into UAO that first day and meeting everybody, I knew this internship was going to make this summer my best so far. Everyone was so nice and I felt really relaxed from the beginning which normally doesn’t happen much because I would usually take like a week or two to feel relaxed at a new place not to mention a new place in a different country.

Being my first internship, I wasn’t so sure what to do and how to go about doing some of the stuff but it was no bother because everyone made it all seem so easy and walked me through whatever I needed to do. I learned a lot of things ranging from data entry down to U.S. immigration law and it was wonderful. Read more →

Faith’s Last Internship Day

July 31, 2015NancyBlog

USCIS recalls 3-year DACA permits issued after 2/16/2015

Important Information for Some DACA Recipients Who Received Three-Year* Work Authorization: Fact Sheet

If you are a DACA recipient who received a three-year Employment Authorization Document (EAD) after February 16, 2015, it was likely mistakenly issued and must be returned.

Approximately 2,100 DACA recipients were issued three-year Employment Authorization Documents, rather than two-year EADs, afterthe  February 16, 2015, court injunction was in place. USCIS has taken action to correct this issue for these individuals and has updated their records to reflect a two-year period of deferred action and employment authorization. USCIS has re-issued and mailed the corrected two-year EADs to these individuals. USCIS has also notified these individuals that the three-year EADs are no longer valid and must be immediately returned, along with any related approval notices. USCIS is carefully tracking the number of returns of these invalid EADs and continues to take steps to collect the remaining cards. Read more →

Iman’s Last Internship Day

July 15, 2015NancyBlog

Elisa’s Last Internship Day

June 28, 2015NancyBlog

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