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BREAKING: Illinois to lose all immigrant services

April 4, 2015NancyAdvocacy, Blog

Late yesterday afternoon, Governor Rauner showed his true colors. In a sneaky and cowardly way, his administration issued orders, just before a holiday weekend, to suspend all funding for immigrant services effective immediately. During the election and more recently in front of a group of business people, he spoke of his support for immigration reform and keeping families together. Nice rhetoric, but when it really counted and for what he had full control over he decided to turn his back on immigrants.

After Illinois has spent more than a decade helping over 100,000 immigrants become American citizens, and tens of thousands of others to get health care and food, Governor Rauner has pulled the plug.

We haven’t been told why. We know it can’t be because Illinois is running out of money. Gutting programs that bring in five times more money than they spend is not fiscal responsibility. Instead, we can only assume that this is an all-out attack on immigrants in Illinois. Despite all of the Governor’s happy talk about his own immigrant family, his actions betray an agenda that would turn Illinois from one of the most immigrant friendly states in the country to one of the least. It’s a stunning and direct message to immigrants from the state’s most powerful leader: “We don’t serve your kind here.”

This unprecedented attack leaves us no choice but to fight back hard and fast. To do that we need your help in the critical coming days. Today, the most important thing you can do is to spread the word to everyone you know.

1. Sign the petition to protect immigrant services in Illinois.

2. Forward this email to 5 people you know, and have them sign the petition as well.

3. Find the “ICIRR Action” Facebook page, like us, and share the post “Restore Services” to all your Facebook friends
Finally, tomorrow many of you will be sharing a meal and a prayer with your families for the Easter holiday. If you do, say an extra prayer for the immigrants whose future hangs in the balance. We hope you enjoy this time with family and loved ones.

Illinois’ immigrant community needs you. Spread the word today, and be ready to join us in the fight on Monday

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