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Faith’s Internship Experience

November 28, 2015NancyBlog

Walking into UAO that first day and meeting everybody, I knew this internship was going to make this summer my best so far. Everyone was so nice and I felt really relaxed from the beginning which normally doesn’t happen much because I would usually take like a week or two to feel relaxed at a new place not to mention a new place in a different country.

Being my first internship, I wasn’t so sure what to do and how to go about doing some of the stuff but it was no bother because everyone made it all seem so easy and walked me through whatever I needed to do. I learned a lot of things ranging from data entry down to U.S. immigration law and it was wonderful.

My first two weeks here went into helping plan the 2015 African Summit and Community Resource Fair. It was so much fun and I got to meet other interns who had interned here in the past. Elisa and I were the only interns here then so we acted as volunteer coordinators for that day and had so much fun doing it.

I loved volunteering at the citizenship workshops which helped me learn more about U.S. immigration law and a lot of other things. I volunteered at three workshops during my internship and at these workshops we would help qualified lawful permanent residents fill out their N-400 forms which is the Application for Naturalization form. I also had the opportunity of attending a Naturalization ceremony for new citizens. It was amazing! We were supposed to get a picture with the Mayor, but he wasn’t able to attend.

Another thing I not only loved doing but learned a lot from was doing legal research and teaching the English and Civics Classes. From teaching and researching, I got to learn a whole lot about U.S. History and Civics and also about U.S. Immigration Law.

This internship was more than a great experience and taught me a lot of things and I’m really going to miss it here.


Daramola Faith, 2015 Summer Intern.

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