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UAO aims to serve as the African Community Resource Clearinghouse wherein constituents gather, access information, share experiences, exchange views, and coordinate organizational capacity development. UAO's hub of resources on this website is intended to assist community members in navigating services, programs and resources that are available to help them cope better in the United States.

Cabdrivers Health Study

December 31, 2013NancyHealthcare

Chicago is home to fifth largest population of African immigrants in the United States; close to 4% of all immigrants in Chicago are African. Most African immigrants are of working age, more than half have bachelor’s degrees or higher and more than 90% speak English well or very well. Despite these advantages, many African struggle to find well-paying jobs and at least 18% of the population lives in poverty. Of the 21% of all Africans who work in service occupations, taxicab drivers are estimated to make up a significant proportion. 60% of taxicab drivers in Chicago are foreign born and 6% of taxicab drivers around the country are African. Read more →

Enroll Today for Healthcare Coverage – The Affordable Care Act

October 5, 2013AdminBlog, Healthcare

You can talk to someone for free about  your healthcare coverage options under the Affordable Care Act, aka, ObamaCare. UAO’s specially trained counselors will talk to you face-to-face or over the phone, and help you find and apply for the right coverage for you and your family.

Be sure to call ahead at 312-949-9980 to make sure we will be available to help you. Alternatively, complete the contact form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Read more →

Get Ready n Get Covered!

August 12, 2013NancyBlog, Healthcare

The new healthcare law, called the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, may impact you and your family! Under this law, there will be a new way to buy health insurance, in the health insurance marketplace.

You can begin to apply to get health insurance on OCTOBER 1, 2013.

In the meantime, here are a few things you NEED to do:

Navigating Healthcare Options for Immigrants in Illinois

January 30, 2013AdminHealthcare

A Community Resource Guide helping you to understand healthcare options for immigrants in Illinois – from ICIRR Read more →

Small business and Affordable Care Act

January 1, 2013AdminHealthcare

Providing health insurance for employees can be a challenge for small businesses. Afordable Care Act (Obamacare) provides small business tax credits for providing health insurance for employees and the ability to shop for insurance in Exchanges. – from Healthcare.gov Read more →

Guide to Healthy Eating

October 31, 2012IntervmediaHealthcare

Healthy African cooking. Modified traditional recipe outlining health benefits.

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Health Center Resource List

October 31, 2012IntervmediaHealthcare

Find a local health center that provides services for immigrants and limited English proficient familes.

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