United African Organization

UAO aims to serve as the African Community Resource Clearinghouse wherein constituents gather, access information, share experiences, exchange views, and coordinate organizational capacity development. UAO's hub of resources on this website is intended to assist community members in navigating services, programs and resources that are available to help them cope better in the United States.

Africans in Illinois

This study reports the current demographic characteristics of African immigrants in Illinois and in the process illuminates their needs and challenges.

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Timeline of African Migration to the US

As part of the Africans in Chicago Oral History Project, UAO has compiled an interactive timeline that tells the story of African migration to the United States.

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MPI Statistics on African migration to the US

Migration Policy Institute (MPI) and Migration Information Source MPI provides analysis, development, and evaluation of migration and refugee policies at the local, national, and international levels. MPI publishes the online journal The Migration Information Source, a resource providing current and accurate migration and refugee data and analysis.

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African Community Resource Guide: 2017 Edition

This is a directory of African community associations, restaurants, businesses, religious congregations in Illinois.

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Rob Paral & Associates Maps and Data Sets

Rob Paral & Associates is a consulting firm that analyzes (predominantly Census) data. Most of their work relates to the Chicago area. This website contains maps showing, among other things, immigration patterns over the years.


Resources for Hair Braiders

In 2011, United African Organization and allies succeeded in passing a law (HB5783) that recognizes natural hair braiding as a profession in Illinois, separate from Cosmetology. Under this law, hair braiders are freed from the cost and time spent on training for chemically proceeded hair treatments. Hair braiders can now pursue their dreams as legitimate entrepreneurs, creating jobs and opportunity for low-income women.

Instructions and applications for a Hair Braiders License is available online, by click here.
For questions, further information or assistance with applications, contact the UAO on 312-949-9980.

US Census: American Community Survey

Click on American Fact Finder to see figures by region, country of origin and other demographics. If you’re looking for more stats, the US Census website is also worth visiting.

Guide to Healthy Eating

October 31, 2012IntervmediaHealthcare

Healthy African cooking. Modified traditional recipe outlining health benefits.

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