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Sahel Calling: Musicians Defend Human Rights

January 10, 2013SarahBlog

Sahel Calling is an interactive, musical project to raise awareness about the refugees, internally-displaced persons and the people living in the conflict-affected areas of Mali and the Sahel. The Sahel Calling Project works with guidance from Oxfam, UNHCR and Conscience International.

The project is inspired by the musicians in the region who are risking their lives by singing and speaking about the political situation and the violation of human rights.


As of October 2012, an estimated 208,000* refugees have fled the north of Mali for other countries due to drought and famine – hardships which were then exacerbated by rebel insurgences which shut down infrastructure and led to a “justice” system that violates human rights.

There are also 203,000* “internally-displaced persons”(IDPs) to consider, who have fled but remain in Mali, as well as all of the people still living in the north of Mali under life-threatening risks from drought and famine and limited infrastructure, including the closure of markets, hospitals, banks, etc.

There has been destruction of cultural and religious landmarks and manuscripts, and the imposition of human rights violations. Among more atrocious violations is the outlawing of the creation of or enjoyment of music.

To find out how YOU can help Sahel Calling, visit their website and donate today! 

Pour la version Français, cliquez ici, s’il vous plaît: http://www.indiegogo.com/lappeldusahel

(Source: Sahel Calling)

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