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Statement on Alie Kabba

Statement of UAO Board President on Dr. Alie Kabba:

It is with dismay that we learn of United African Organization (UAO) Executive Director, Dr. Alie Kabba’s arrest and detention by the Sierra Leone government for the third time in under 30 days.

Dr. Kabba, on a visit to Sierra Leone, was arrested a day after he gave an interview to the local Radio Democracy 98.1 FM station, during which he criticized the ruling government for corruption and nepotism.
We, as the largest African coalition in the United States, unequivocally condemn his arrest and call for his immediate unconditional release, acquittal and return back to the U.S.
“We call on President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone to end the politically motivated persecution of Alie Kabba whose only crime is that he is an outspoken and fearless opposition leader with an unblemished record of fighting for democracy, rule of law, human rights and social justice”, says UAO Board Chair Godfrey Chinomona. “We demand his unconditional release and return of his seized U.S. passport.”
We ask the U.S. Department of State to call on President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone and his government to uphold the rule of law and desist from harassing and intimidating political opponents like Dr. Kabba.
We would like the Secretary of State, John Kerry, to use all diplomatic efforts to free Dr. Alie Kabba, who has been an advocate for justice his entire life.
Dr. Kabba is the Executive Director of United African Organization (UAO), which is a dynamic coalition of African community-based associations that promotes social and economic justice, civic participation and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees. Under his leadership, UAO has become highly visible and respected on the national level, as an advocacy organization with a strategic focus on promoting a positive image of Africa through grassroots organizing, leadership development, policy analysis, citizenship development and public education.
In his recent role as Board Chairman of Chicago Access Network Television (CAN-TV), Dr. Kabba’s efforts gave voice to diverse issues affecting all of our communities in Chicago, which has propelled him to the forefront of shaping important dialogues and initiatives, and has made CAN-TV an invaluable public television resource for all constituencies.
He served as Chair of the Golden Door Coalition, which is committed to the dignified resettlement of refugees, and to the support necessary for them to thrive in the U.S.
He has also served as Board President of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), which is a statewide coalition of more than 130 organizations dedicated to promoting the rights of immigrants and refugees to full and equal participation in the civic, cultural, social and political life of Illinois. During his tenure, ICIRR managed a statewide citizenship and voter registration program that continues to this day.
Dr. Alie Kabba is a recipient of many awards in recognition of his distinguished service and leadership role in multiple civic arenas, has established strong and sustained relationships with multiple communities across Chicagoland, the state of Illinois, and the entire country.

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Here is what you can do:
(2) Sign the petition: #FreeAlieKabba

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