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The Zambian Heritage Association in Chicago (ZHAC)

May 12, 2016NancyBlog

The Zambian Heritage Association in Chicago (ZHAC) is unique in its engagement with Chicago’s Zambian community and integral in its growing voice. ZHAC aims to promote all aspects of Zambian heritage, from its cuisine to its fashion, by encouraging and promoting the professional and personal ventures of local Zambians.  Every year, ZHAC organizes numerous opportunities for the local community to get involved. These events range from “family gatherings” like picnics or barbeques on holidays such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, to a business expo where Zambians can rent space and display their talents, from fabric-making to cooking. ZHAC is also responsible for a Zambian soccer team that plays in tournaments during the season.

In all aspects of the work that ZHAC accomplishes, an ultimate goal is to make aware the surrounding Chicago community of Zambia’s history and culture, so as to not only benefit Zambians themselves, but to also achieve unity with all members of the local community. It is, thus, critical in ZHAC’s efforts to include and involve “Zambians and their friends,” meaning any and all people interested in learning about the Zambian presence in Chicago.

As a relatively young and small organization, ZHAC is working to “spread its wings” through Facebook and word-of-mouth outreach, and through fundraising and donations. For more information on how to get involved with this growing community, please visit the ZHAC website at http://zhac.weebly.com/, or contact the ZHAC Chairperson, Tamiwe Helen Sichinga, at +1 733 398 9160. 

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