United African Organization is a dynamic coalition of African community-based organizations that promotes social and economic justice, civic participation, and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees in Illinois.

United African Organization works to:

United African Organization works to
  • Enhance civic participation and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees.
  • Strengthen leadership and organizational capacity of African community-based organizations.
  • Build multiracial and multiethnic partnerships with other immigrant rights organizations.
  • Promote a positive image of African immigrants and refugees.
  • Address discrimination encountered by constituents and assist them in the areas of immigration, employment, social services, and economic development.
  • Facilitate access to community development resources and employment opportunities.

Meet Our Team

Nancy Asirifi-Otchere
Executive Director

Nancy Asirifi-Otchere

Fasika Alem
Programs Director

Fasika Alem

Stella Okere
Program Coordinator

Stella Okere

Programs & Services

UAO offers a broad range of programs designed to empower and meet the growing needs of the African immigrant and refugee community in Illinois.

To learn more about UAO initiatives and programs, please contact us at 312-949-9980 or email: services@uniteafricans.org